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Get Involved Today!

It takes tremendous community support to achieve political goals, and volunteers are at the very heart of our mission. If you want post a lawn sign, send "Dear Friend" cards, or hold a sign out on election day November 3rd, please contact us at 781-266-8888 or fill out the form.

You can also make a monetary contribution. You can write a check to the "George Darcy Committee" and mail it to 93 Hobbs Road, Waltham MA 02452. Alternatively, you may also donate online via PayPal by clicking the "Donate Now" link. ​Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Note that I respectfully do not accept donations from Political Action Committees (PACs).

Get Involved: Get Involved
Ways to help George

Thank you for supporting the campaign!

Some of you may wonder if I am affiliated with a particular party. For this election I am running as Unenrolled (i.e. independent of any party). The Waltham City Council operates on a non-partisan basis. I credit my success in what I have done to the coalitions I have built without party concerns, by remaining focused on my constituents. I will do the same as your representative.

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